Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

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Dave here, Thought I'd try and post something so copied Todds xp email where we are all close to becoming 3rd level: XPerience Hey all, Nice game on Monday. That was fun and cool that we could all get together for a little something different. As for the XP that everyone is bugging me about… For everyone in the party: 90 for a hard-fought battle 10 for all noticing the last human trying to get away For Nimble: The awesome destruction of the first human she took on – 50 Also killing 2 other humans…almost single-handedly – 50 Good use of skill set – 25 Restraint with Feynord – 10 That's 235 total For Aukori First use of "Stone's…" – 25 Rockin' out a Drake sandwich – 50 Ice, Ice Baby – 25 Eenee meenee minee mo, catch a human before he go – 10 That's 210 total For Aidan: Takin' a lickin' and keep on tickin'/near death experience – 25 "Thou Shalt Not Pass!" – 25 King of Fighters – 50 Agrid – Kill or be Killed – 25 Another "Aidan" moment (what is a game without one) – 20 That's 245 total For Doro: Unthinkable Cosmic Secret – direct to the Brain – 25 Sloppy Seconds Kills on 2 Drakes – 25 A for Effort – trying to catch human – 25 Finding Douven Stahl – 10 Being 1st, and only, to suggest that the collar might actually summon the dragon – 10 I curse you (and you and you and you…) – 25 That's 220 total For Tigue: For saving more than one life – 25 For rolling the shitiest rolls all night but still surviving to try another day – 50 Voice of reason with Aidan – 25 That's 200 total And now…everyone (except Aidan) take another 10 for surviving another 'Aidan moment' – where his actions almost get you all in serious trouble. That Aidan… :) If I missed anything (first use of ability, great attack, terrible roll, etc.), let me know. I was going off of my notes and I might have missed a few points here and there. If you are able to go up a level then do so and re-max all your HP etc. Pretend like you just had an extended rest. We'll play it like a video game. We will continue with talking with the dragon at the next game session. It will be no fun in email. We can shoot for next week sometime. Maybe on Thursday the 22nd? Take care and enjoy the early winter weather!! Todd, your humble DM



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