Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

More Kobold Lair - 12/9/09

From Pho:

Instant Re-cap of tonight's actions (some of this I mentioned to Talbot already though briefly):

We went outside the cave, found signs of a struggle, Aukori tracked a brief trail over to a tree to which Ninaren was tied. Kobolds had bound/gagged her, tied her up, but not killed her. This seems all pretty suspicious, and on Irontooth we found a note mentioning "our spy in Winterhaven." But from good Insight rolls and the way Todd's playing things, it seems she's on the level. All she could remember was being grabbed and knocked in the head (she was unconscious when we found her).

We brought her into the cave, and Aukori and Aiden went back out and searched around that area (it was just behind a couple trees in the waterfall area). Aukori rolled a natural 20 for a Nature check and saw some critters hiding in a copse of trees, but played it sly and made it look like she and Aiden were just blundering about and not seeing them. Then the two returned to everyone else in the cave, where the others were searching about. In the treasure heap there were tons of coins (1118CP, a few SP), ruined weapons, and a treasure chest, inside which there was more coins (420GP) and some magic dwarf-made chainmail which Tigue is now wearing. The two wyrmpriests had stuff: a potion, ring, and scroll. Irontooth's battleaxe seems to be magical. 

Tigue, rolling a natural 20, then found what seemed to be a secret wall/door/something. Nimble tried opening it, but made a good Perception roll, smelled oil!, and followed the smell to a greasy lever that opened a hidden door. She crept up and discovered it went outside, to behind the area where "movement in the trees" was last seen by Aukori. We hatched a diabolical plan to have Nimble, Doro, and Feynord sneak up on the sneaky kobolds, and when they had their attention, everyone else blitzes them. So the others hung out conspicuously in the area where Ninaren was discovered, like they were looking for her dropped contact lens or something. Then Aiden does the dumb thing you know he's gonna do and starts walking straight toward the area where the enemy was hiding. Why? 

Because he's Aiden. So he gets two fiery blasts shot at him from a couple places, and game on. Nimble knifes the first priest in the back for awesome damage, carnage ensues. In total there were two Dragonshield Kobolds (the tough kind, basically) and two Kobold Wyrmpriests. At one point Aukori was surrounded by both the tough kobs and a priest, and she used her earthshaking encounter power thingy to smack the priest down, preventing him from getting up until after her next turn. So on the next turn I had her use her other encounter power (Thunder Ram somethingsomething) which sent him flying four squares into the river, zapping both the other guys with thunder (can one "zap" thunder?) and pushing them away. It was an awesome combo, and would have failed had she not gotten a holy +2 to attack courtesy of Tigue's divine abilities. Then the priest tried to get up and got zapped by the additional damage from the first power's secondary effect. Yeah.

Ninaren again failed to do absolutely anything (Todd even rolled for her in plain view, so we could all see her each and every miss). Nimble had an awesome pratfall/fumble. 

After the battle, we found that the priests each wore these black necklaces which glowed red, but dimmed slowly as they died. Nimble got to one of them as it was dying, and she took the thing and of course put it on (I fumbled my Arcana roll). She heard the voice of Orcus compeling her to keep fighting. I had to make a save so as not to attack the others (Ninaren was nearest to her… damn!), which I did. Orcus then realized I wasn't a kobold and he hung up, but not before telling me we were all going to die and stuff. Still. She got to talk to (well, listen to) Orcus himself!

As Jon perfectly said: "Fool of a Took!"

We returned to town during the night, to sneak in without fanfare. Todd gave us a quick fastforward to the next day in which we'd be showing Thair Coalstriker the armor and axe, so we got the specs on the armor, although the axe we haven't had ID'ed yet. Otherwise though we haven't played through that night or the next day or other interactions with/in town.


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