Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

Winterhaven Romps, Kobold Stomps

Well, well, well…our intrepid players have been up to a lot in the past few gaming sessions.

After a tough-fought battle at the Dragon Burial site, the party had a run in with Szartharrax himself.  How, you might ask…well, it was Nimble.  She discovered a locking/unlocking device on a silver collar in a remote corner of the burial site.  That summoned the mighty dragon.  Presented with a snap decision, she nimbly released the dragon from the collar and its bonds.  It was the right thing to do and he swore to meet up with the party at a later date for "his mission and theirs were similar".

The group, now towing the beaten-down Feynord with them, headed back to Winterhaven.

It must have been a full moon when they got back to town…that or the party was simply full of post-battle lust because Aukori got it on with Thair Coalstriker (yup, some hot Goliath on Dwarf action – you go, Thair!) while Tigue wined and dined the surly Ninaren until their bed was spinning right round.  Whoop! 

Meanwhile. Aidan was up to his old tricks while Nimble and Doro, aka the fake Valthrun, played it cool.

After much drinking, eating, sexing, more drinking and resting, the party headed out again…this time in search of the Kobold Lair.  They recruited Ninaren (or, rather, Tigue made a snap and solo decision to ask her to come along and no one stood in his way about it) and Feynord to come along with them.  Feynord was pumped because these Kobold jerks had kidnapped his family and forced him, a great warrior, into semi-slavery at the Dragon Burial Site.

So, first stop…outside the Kobold Lair.  Approaching the river and a waterfall, Nimble scouted out the scene.  She found many Kobolds milling about on both sides of the river.  There was also a strange, blue-glowing runic circle nearby (later it was determined that any who stood inside got a +1 bonus to attacks while standing inside).  A pitched battle began and everyone took part.  Nimble and Aidan were killing machines and Ninaren could not hit the broadside of a barn.  Eventually, almost all of the Kobolds were put out of their misery but a few escaped into the waterfall. What the?  Into the waterfall?  Was the party seeing things????

That led to Phase 2.  Nimble, being all stealthy and shiot, approached the waterfall and tried to sneak a peek to see what was behind it.  That might have succeeded had the kobolds not left a row of banana peels right near the entrance.  Nimble slipped on one, reeled forward – seeing a boat load of Kobolds back there, and then wheeled backwards, taking a few hits along the way.  Rolling a "1" is not the best thing when trying to sneak around.

Aidan, seeing blood on Nimble, charged in.  The rest of the party was forced to follow.  They met great resistance at the entrance and it got a bit too crowded for everyone to enter.  

A huge battle ensued with Aidan going toe to toe with Irontooth; Tigue rushing around and healing the party (or killing any nearly dead kobolds); Doro "Cursing", mist walking, and retreating at opportune moments; Aukori fighting and freezing the ground around her (and really f-ing up the Kobolds shifty nature); and Nimble dealing massive damage on both Irontooth and lots of other Kobolds.  It was mayhem.

Many party members nearly died but, in the end, they had enough in the tank to finish off the evil Kobolds.  Irontooth was heard to shout "Karalel and Orcus, prepare my way to the…" as he crumpled to the ground, dead.  Doro then checked outside for signs of Ninaren, who had never made it inside for the battle.  Her bloodied cloak, her bow, and lots of footprints/signs of struggle were all there – but she was not. 

Meanwhile, some party members searched the bodies while others found what looked to be Irontooth's treasure trove.  I wonder what could be there?

And that is where things are now.  What will next gaming session bring?  Stay tuned to find out. 



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