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Dave here, Thought I'd try and post something so copied Todds xp email where we are all close to becoming 3rd level: XPerience Hey all, Nice game on Monday. That was fun and cool that we could all get together for a little something different. As for the XP that everyone is bugging me about… For everyone in the party: 90 for a hard-fought battle 10 for all noticing the last human trying to get away For Nimble: The awesome destruction of the first human she took on – 50 Also killing 2 other humans…almost single-handedly – 50 Good use of skill set – 25 Restraint with Feynord – 10 That's 235 total For Aukori First use of "Stone's…" – 25 Rockin' out a Drake sandwich – 50 Ice, Ice Baby – 25 Eenee meenee minee mo, catch a human before he go – 10 That's 210 total For Aidan: Takin' a lickin' and keep on tickin'/near death experience – 25 "Thou Shalt Not Pass!" – 25 King of Fighters – 50 Agrid – Kill or be Killed – 25 Another "Aidan" moment (what is a game without one) – 20 That's 245 total For Doro: Unthinkable Cosmic Secret – direct to the Brain – 25 Sloppy Seconds Kills on 2 Drakes – 25 A for Effort – trying to catch human – 25 Finding Douven Stahl – 10 Being 1st, and only, to suggest that the collar might actually summon the dragon – 10 I curse you (and you and you and you…) – 25 That's 220 total For Tigue: For saving more than one life – 25 For rolling the shitiest rolls all night but still surviving to try another day – 50 Voice of reason with Aidan – 25 That's 200 total And now…everyone (except Aidan) take another 10 for surviving another 'Aidan moment' – where his actions almost get you all in serious trouble. That Aidan… :) If I missed anything (first use of ability, great attack, terrible roll, etc.), let me know. I was going off of my notes and I might have missed a few points here and there. If you are able to go up a level then do so and re-max all your HP etc. Pretend like you just had an extended rest. We'll play it like a video game. We will continue with talking with the dragon at the next game session. It will be no fun in email. We can shoot for next week sometime. Maybe on Thursday the 22nd? Take care and enjoy the early winter weather!! Todd, your humble DM

Previously Compiled Name Ideas
Name* that game !

COHEN Club Of Hedonistic Escapist New englanders

TODD Troupe of Diversionary Dudes

BLAKE Band of Local Awesome Knights of . . . . Egalitarianism? Escapism? Egg-salad?

VANASSE Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Alliance of Sport & Strategy Entertainment

DARKNESS Dungeoneers And Roleplayers Killing Nearly Everything Seen or Smelled

DESTROYER DEconstructors of STructured Roleplaying Obliterating Yours and Everyone’s Realm

OBLIVION Organization for Brothers Loving Indoor Ventures and Intimidating Orcs of New england

NECRON New England Consortium for Roleplaying Or Nothavingcompatibleschedules variation New England Consortium for Roleplaying Or Nothavingcombatableschedules

BITCHSLAP Brothers In The Crunch Hoarding Sweet Loot And Pizzas

Burn alert: the following suggestions may offend some dungeonmasters, just know it’s all in jest…

BARDLESS Bitch Ass Reject Dungeonmaster Leering at the Essence of the Sublime Songcaster

UNSUMMONER UNiversity of Spellcasters Unable to Make Monsters Obtainable, Need to Edit Rules

MASS-GAS Massachusetts Gaming Alternatives Society

FRoSoNE Fantasy Roleplaying Society of New England

WRONG Worcester Recreational Organization for New England Gamers

MAcHO Massachusetts Action Heroes Organization

WUSS Worcester Union for Sport & Strategy

DUDE Dude Union for Diversions & Escapism

WOW Worcester Order of Whimsy

SHAM Society for Hobbies & Amusements in Massachusetts

SHAM-WOW Strategy-Hobby-Amusements-Mirth & Whimsy Organization in Worcester

MMGS Massachusetts Monthly Gaming Society

Trial Gaming Ends, Real Gaming Begins
Adventure begins

Gaming Session 1 – August 13, 2009

Players in attendance: Marc, Pho, Dave, Talbot

Absent: Jon

DM: Todd

The following recap was thoughtfully created by Pho.  Great thanks go out to him!

After defeating the wyrmpriest, his kobold minions, and his little drake too, the party searched the area and snagged the priest’s fancypants staff, and then settled in for a well-guarded snooze. After resting, they poked open the hidden door they’d found and walked down a corridor, into a complex of small connected rooms, at the center of which was a large patch of ice. Badger flitted above it as an eagle until he came face-to-face with an honest-to-goodness white dragon, spontaneously dropping a load as he veered away from the thing’s mouth. He landed across the room, transformed into his halfling self, and held up his hands saying “W-w-we come in peace!”

The dragon didn’t believe this at first (to him, halflings looked a lot like kobolds), and the big oaf Aiden didn’t help matters by storming forward with threats of violence. Fortunately, Doro and Reason held him back, and though the wary dragon smacked Badger in the head, Reason was able to, well, reason with the thing. The dragon then looked into the minds of the party members and saw them for who they were and for what they wanted most. Meanwhile, he – named Szartharrax (Szar, for short) – wanted his own freedom: he’d been chained up with a powerful magic restraining collar and had been kept prisoner by the kobolds for years (although he is still consider very small and young amongst dragonkind).

A deal was made for the party and the dragon to help each other. These kobolds were a small offshoot of the Cult of Orcus that were controlling Szartharrax’s parents by holding him as a hostage. While some believe his parents to be dead, he thinks they’re still alive and can be rescued, and they can in turn figure out how to break the spell keeping him imprisoned. Meanwhile, Szartharrax would give each member of the party that which they wanted or needed the most. He looked into the mind of Doro and immediately teleported him to some unknown location. He transformed the supposed tiefling (I think?) bard Reason into that of his original form: a Goliath warden named Okia (sp?) that had been polymorphed and brainwashed by his own (rather dubious-sounding) mother. And he gave Badger, Aiden, and Ramson a scaly stretch of the (shed I hope?) hide of his mother, with the instructions to give it to a dwarf in Fallcrest named Teldorthan, who would then head them in the direction needed to continue for their individual and communal quests. Cyttorak allowed the group to take some treasure he had been left to guard, including a magic longsword which Aiden could put to good use. He then teleported them to Fallcrest. While the dragon waited for the party to go on their adventure, however, he’d need someone to feed him, since the kobolds that used to (barely) care for him were now all dead. Arrangements would have to be made.

With Doro nowhere in sight, the rest – along with the strange, massive, somewhat amnesiac Okia – found the dwarven smithy Teldorthan. When Badger offered to him the hide of the dragon’s mother, his eyes grew wide. Apparently this had previously belonged to him, and he was grateful for its return. He listened to the party’s tale and their talk of the arrangement they’d made with the captured dragon. The dwarf knew something about the dragon and his parents, and the threat posed by the kobolds’ Cult of Orcus, and suggested the group speak to Fallcrest’s Lord Warden. The warden was known to Badger as the man to speak to about freeing his own imprisoned family member – his sister Nimble – from Fallcrest’s jail. Cyttorak had seen this plight in Badger’s mind, realizing that Badger’s only interest in all of this adventuring business had been to try and win (or pay for) his sister’s freedom. In Aiden’s mind he also found sympathy for the man’s own history of torture and captivity. (He probably saw something in Ramson that he addressed, but uh, Ramson didn’t tell anyone what it was, specifically. In fact, he spoke very little during the entire gaming session.)

Thus, Badger, Okia, and Ramson went to visit the Lord Warden Ferin McKarley (that’s somewhere kind of a bit near his actual name) to present themselves and their story (Aiden stayed at Teldorthan’s shoppe to talk shoppe talk and learn more about the longsword given him by Cyttorak). When the Warden heard they’d taken out the local kobolds’ stronghold he was impressed, especially when they held up the wyrmpriest’s staff they’d looted. He paid them a decent bounty for their work, wrote a writ permitting the release of Badger’s sister Nimble, and told them how to best continue in their quest. They’d need to go to Winterhaven, where two people could help them out: a man named Douvin would be the one to talk to about the ruins in which Cyttorak’s parents are either held or lain to rest; and a priestess named Marla would be able to fill them in on the doings of the Cult of Orcus.

Badger went to the Fallcrest Prison to secure the release of his sister, Nimble, and after speaking with her at length alone, introduced her to Ramson, Aiden, and the semi-stranger Okia… as their new partner. Nimble, he explained, was much more the adventurer of the family, and not only did she owe Badger for having sprung her, but seemed very eager to get out of the city as quickly as possible. Badger, meanwhile, has volunteered to be Cyttorak’s caretaker while the group goes off on its journey to Winterhaven. As Nimble said, being a druid from the wintry north, Badger practically worshipped great beasts like this cold, white dragon.

While in town, the party saw the following places and could probably have made avail of them for their various purposes: the Half-Moon Trading Post, run by Serelund; the armory, run by Teldorthan; the Silver Unicorn Inn; the Azaer Trading Post, run by a tiefling family; and the House of the Sun, for worshippers of Pelor, as well as Kord and Bahamut. Also, the Lord Warden mentioned that the party might find the Mage’s Keep in Winterhaven to be useful in selling or gaining information on the wyrmpriest’s staff. And still no-one has seen the missing warlock Doro anywhere!


Lewts/XP notes: Of all the gold and jewels the group had found (including an old bag of 60 gold pieces Ramson had picked up), each party member (except for the missing Doro) received 120 gold (I think). Everyone also got 200 xp for dealing with the mighty dragon and making progress in their grand adventure. Badger gave the penniless Nimble some money and a kewl dagger he’d found, but kept most of his cash to buy cattle to sacrifice to his new dragon pal.

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