Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

1st day of Mach 2

Shadowfell continues at the Keep

The party got a nice little update to all of their questions from Valthrun…who, as the party discovers eventually, is actually Doro.

Doro has been putting on a show for the town and for the party members (past and present) and acting as Valthrun in an effort to keep the town more secure and to help the town feel safer.

Armed with this knowledge, the party heads to the Keep. They make their way, gingerly, to the area that Doro fled a few days ago. The Keep is empty or littered with the corpses and residue of the prior adventurers. Things smell and their is a heaviness in the air.

As they reach the location of the last battle Doro was in, they are attacked by zombies and a ghoul.

The resulting battle is very fierce and the party is hard pressed to survive intact…Kollision takes the brunt of the battle and is felled…nearly to his full death…but he manages to survive. Sy also allows himself to get corned by zombies, but he manages to pull a “Sy” and escape while also doing plenty of damage.

In the end, the party was victorious and they ended up finding a small, semi-hidden room in the west corner of the area. In that room was a variety of odds and ends and old meals…and a Bag of Holding with 176GP inside.

They searched for the prior adventurers but found no sign of them.

They decided to rest before heading onwards…to an area that even Doro had never seen before.

To be continued…



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