Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

Meanwhile...back in the Seven Pillared Hall

With the party all back at the Seven Pillared Hall, it was time to get some information.

Various folks headed various directions to figure out various things.

One thing was trying to figure out who would pay the most for the scepter the party found. Gendar offered 300GP and Noristo offered 450GP and Gendar ended up with it for 500GP.

Cinder asked for, and eventually received some potions from Gendar:

- Blinding Bomb x1
- Blast Patch x 1
- Healing x 8 (to be handed out to party in general). Each does 2x normal Healing Surge.

The party found Smashbeard and bought a few things.

During all of this, Diamanda heard rumors about a stronghold of Gnolls. Gnolls being her mortal enemy (a long history there), she immediately took off to bring the fight their way. Cassie followed and, just like that, they were gone.

The party was lucky enough to find a few replacements, though. Nimble, sent to find the party with a message, arrived on the scene as did newcomer, Vivienne. A healer, by the look of things.

Eventually, the party received a note from Charrak that was penned to them and written by an “insider” in a “position of power” in the organization behind the Duergar’s actions. It requested a meeting.

The party headed off there and found a giant statue and a Tiefling. They bantered a bit and then a fight broke out. There were 2 Tieflings up on the ledge of a cavernous area and the giant statue turned out to be a “Bronze Warder”. It tried to trap the party inside the room but it was stymied.


Some highlights:

- Sy almost died (welcome to every encounter – ha)
- Viv did A LOT of healing. Welcome to the party…she is a much-needed addition. Oh…and she crit hit and killed the very tough Bronze Warder.
- Nimble cracked wise and cracked skulls. Lots of big hits from the little maiden.
- Cinder proved that he sucks at climbing walls; lest there be any doubt.

Once the fight was over, the party decided it was better to stay here/continue on in the Labyrinth rather than head back to town. This, they posit, will lead whomever set them up to think them dead. Interesting…

They also found a couple of partially destroyed notes after the combat:

I don’t care how you do it, but deal with these adventurers. Take
one of the bronze warders if you must. If they remain in the
Labyrinth, they could disrupt my plans. Once you’ve dealt with
them, deliver their bodies to Maldrick, along with the
enclosed scroll.

and that scroll, most damaged, read:

To Maldrick Scar…illegible…Chieftain…illegible
Black…illegible and…illegible…Yeenoghu:…illegible…you the corpses of these…illegible…as a gift of…illegible…arrangement
might…illegible…bene…illegible May you savor their
Your friend a…illegible…

And there things stand. The party has taken an extended rest, searched the area, and now must consider where to head next…

Cinder fell three times attempting athletics checks, including a critical fail. He had luck with his “Empowering Lightning” spell, but it was a rough encounter for him overall due to bad rolls, despite the new dice trays. — JV


Lo-Kag had a better outing, dealing over 50 damage to the tiefling and killing her in round three!



Sy says, “Aha, eat this blade!” as he stabs directly between the shoulder blades with precision

hmmm (pic not loading)


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