Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

The adventure continues...

New party members enter the fray

On your travels, you are told much of what has befallen the other group of adventurers who tried to stop the evil from spreading at the Keep on the Shadowfell.

There are many gaps in Doro’s story but the basics are this:

The party was recruited in the town of Winterfall and tasked with finding out what was causing the recent rash of attacks by Kobolds and Goblins. The small party has many adventures and meets many folks, both good and bad, along the way.

In Winterhaven, they run into the following folks – and Doro expands upon all of them:

1. Salvana Wrafton – owner and proprietor of Wrafton’s Inn…where most of the party stayed while in town. He recounts the frequent drunken brawls that fellow party member Aidan went through there. Salvana did not like him one bit.

2. Valthrun the Prescient – local scholar and rumored mage. Doro is his apprentice and Valthrun has his own tower in town.

3. Lord Padraig – the local Lord in town and a warrior of some renown. He is the one who solicited the party’s help and offered (meager) rewards for aid they might give.

4. Delphina Moongem – An elf who turned away from her roots, she now sells wildflowers and the like in the market square

5. Thair Coalstriker – the local smith and also a dwarf…sparks flew between him and Aukori. An interesting potential couple…

6. Bairwin Wildarson – owner of Barwin’s Grand Shoppe. The party bought and sold a fair deal of items here.

7. Rond Kelfem – Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars…a ragtag militia that does its best to fend off the encroaching menace. He also oversees the Warrior Guild.

8. Sister Linora – the priestess at the Temple. Avandra – goddess of luck and change – is most prominent in town. Sister Linora also oversees the local graveyard and had theological differences with Aidan.

9. Ninaren – hmmm….the party took in this misfit elf and lots of interesting things happened. it appears that she is a double-agent working for the powers behind the recent uptick in Evil in the area.


1. the first task the group sets out upon is to see what happened to Douven Staul…a local scholar/archaeologist who has gone missing. They head to the Dragon Burial site, are ambushed, and battle it out with gnomes, halflings, humans, and even a drake. They find Douven being held as a prisoner and they offer to bring him back to Winterhaven.

2. along the way back to town, they come across a Kobold lair and they take care of business there (there are 2 parts to the lair…an outside and an inside; which is hidden behind a waterfall). They run into a Kobold leader named Irontooth in this battle and he is defeated. Nimble, the party’s resident thief/acrobat, finds a scroll that references “Karalel” as the leader of the Cult of Orcus. Hmm…

3. They head back to town and gather more info about the Cult of Orcus and Kalarel and the old Shadowfell Keep. There are many legends about the Keep but most say that 100 years ago its prior Lord, Sir Keegan, went crazy there and murdered his friends and family. The Keep is said to be built on a portal to a different, and much darker realm. This is known as the Shadow Rift.

4. The party makes its way to the keep. They survey the area and they are careful in what they do. They enter and make their way through the Keep…ever downward they go…battling all sorts of evil along the way and heading back to town when they can. They rescue a goblin named Splug who is a coward and a trickster. They fight and defeat Balgron the Fat – another Goblin leader. They run into traps, lots of goblins (etc.), rats, ochre jelly, Kruthik (they burrow tunnels in rock/dirt), blue slime, zombies and even Sir Keegan himself; who they end up talking to and convincing of their worth. He gives them his blessed sword, Aecris…a +2 longsword.

5. After clearing out the 1st level of the Keep, the party heads back to town. The gates are closed and the townsfolk implore the party to head to the graveyard for the dead have risen and are preparing to attack. The party does so and a very large battle begins. Zombies, skeletons, and (perhaps) Ninaren herself are all part of the group the party needs to take down. The party is victorious and heads to town to resupply and rest.

6. Back to the Keep and on to the 2nd level…down they head and more battles and tests of will and stamina continue. Hobgoblins are part of this and they make tougher enemies than Goblins. There are also giant spiders, a gelatinous cube, corruption corpses, Titan statues, and Dragon statues to battle. Yikes. They sense they are almost to the end goal or encountering and defeating Karalel when they are attacked by an overwhelming force of Ghouls, Zombies, Clay animates, and other unknown creatures of pure evil. The battle turns against the adventures and they scatter as they fight/retreat. Doro is separated from them and tells a tale or harrowing adventure about how it made it back to Winterfell to seek aid.

And here you find yourselves.

More will play out in person but this is a bit of a setup. Feel free to add more stories to ask questions.

Until next session…



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