Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

The Horned Hold - 2

Area H2

After a hard-fought battle at the portculis/entrance to the Horned Hold (wherein the party battled a resolute group of tough orcs), they continued exploring the NE part of the hold.

They came across a few empty rooms; one of which contained a large well. They cautiously continued and Sy heard loud noises from a southern room and snores from an eastern room. Obviously, the brave party decided to sneak into the room that had snoring creatures. Brave. Oh so brave.

Once inside, Sy killed the sleeping orc using a Coup de Grace. Neat.

At the area with the loud banging noises, the party timed their entrance via 2 different doors and sort of got the drop on the creatures there…which turned out to be the jealouos blacksmith, Urwol, and his minions.

A large battle ensued and the party did pretty well overall, although it was almost all for nothing when the last Duergar escaped via a bridge to the SW. The party chased him and he was stuck, pounding his fists, at a locked door. Doro, acting quickly, reared back to cast…and epic failed. He shattered the door instead of the Duergar and it made it through to the other side.

The rest of the party was close enough to get in there right away, though, and they dispatched the fellow before he could spread the alarm…or so the party thinks…

The party then spent some surges and explored the rest of that part of the hold. They found a skull scepter and, finally, remembered that Gendar had asked them to locate it for him. 1/2 of that mini-quest is now complete.

They also found 50 GP each.

In addition to the bridge to the SW, they found another double door leading to a hallway. That went E and S and ended at a double door. They went through and the room has 2 different double doors and 2 single doors. It is empty otherwise.

The party might need to rest or head back to Seven Pillared Hall. After that…

They now have 2 options…Head SW over the bridge to the empty storage room. There are a few doors in there (double door to NW, single door to SW, single door to SE).


…explore the room they are currently in.



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