Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

Onward to the Well of Demons

In the Seven Pillared Hall, Rendil helped gather more intel for Vivienne. Some of that info was from Vadriar regarding the history of the Well of Demons. Some was from townsfolk and amounted to rumors…but they all pointed towards an increase in Gnoll activity of late. She took the info she had, conferred with the party, and then hired Terrlen Darkseeker to lead them onwards to the Well of Demons.

Meanwhile, Cinder cast a very cool Ritual and got some images relating to the note that the party was given by Charrak. Bits and pieces of info lead the party to believe that Paldemar was behind the ambush. Or was he???

With the slightly expensive Terrlen leading the way to the Well, the party made it safely there.

Terrlen got a bit agitated as he got closer the Well, but nothing else out of the ordinary happened. He left after drawing a basic map for the party to find their way back. They made an extra copy of that. He also agreed to meet them 2 days hence at the same location he dropped them off at.

Chauncey, the flying rat, scoped out the wide open (and very dark) first area of the Well of Demons. It was empty from what he could tell. The party entered with their various light sources. When Nimble got adjacent to one of the 5 columns in the room, it animated. And did a bit of popping and locking. A face of a very tough looking and sounding minotaur appeared and it boomed out,

Greetings, seekers of Baphomet’s boundless glory.
Those who prove unworthy of his attention
Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.
Those who prove worthy
Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.
Mask, bell, blade, and tome

This happened at other columns as well…although never simultaneously.

Sy came near the same column Nimble was at and he noticed a small well nearby. As he was moving towards that, the ground shook below him and up shot very large tentacle arm things. A battle ensued.


The party found very well against this crazy creature and even when 2 Cavern Chokers and a Ghoul entered the fray, they did not blink and made fairly quick work of the strong enemies. Nicely done!


They found no treasure and nothing in the dried up well either. They searched for secret doors but found none. They continued along the one hallway leaving the room. It ended 25’ in at a set of double doors. They listened and then opened the door so tiny, flying little Bleezle could scout ahead (sense a theme?). He did that and came upon a kennel of half-starved and very viscous hyenas. Yikes. They tried to attach him (fail) and ran forward towards the party). Another battle broke out and even when the Gnoll Huntsman and 2 Gnoll Marauders entered from adjoining rooms, the party held firm. All enemies were slain but nothing has been searched yet.

And Only Vivienne Survived...
A Eugoogally for the fallen adventurers

After defeating the Tieflings and the Bronze Warder, the party took an extended rest in the safe, secure, and off-of-the-beaten-path cavern where they were ambushed.

They came up with a plan where they would sort of fake their own deaths. They created a funeral pyre by stacking rubble and rocks over the bodies of the Tieflings and Vivienne penned a note/eugoogally (Zoolander!) about the sad event that killed off her adventuring party (again).

They then all decided to make their way back to the Horned Hold. This was risky since the Labyrinth is tricksey and they had not been this way before. But they were lead adeptly by Cinder and ? to the chasm and portcullis that they are becoming all too familiar with.

They braved the Horned Hold yet again…this time getting some scouting help from Cinder’s bat…Chompers? Or is it Rabies? Or is it Bitey? Or is it Roamer?…I forget. Anywho, the place was deserted but things had changed since the party was last here…all of the bodies were gone. Hmm….

They cautiously made their way towards arch-nemesis Murklemor’s chambers. When there were just outside the door, they stopped and noticed noise from within. Conversation. In Common. Hmm. They devised a plan and entered. The scene before them was an odd one…4 human men at arms lounging around while a dwarf took a bath. The dwarf proceeded to dress and he addressed the party – declaring himself to be an exiled king named Thain.

Banter ensued and King Thain tried to enlist Sy in his cause. He also got irked at Cinder; who seemed to not fully respect a King such as himself. Finally, he claimed to have killed off all of the enemies in the Horned Hold that they found. He said all bodies were dumped in the chasm because he was prepping the area to make it his stronghold as he rebuilt his army in preparation of recapturing his rightful kingship.


Overall, the party did not pick a fight here and they ended up skeptically moving on towards the Seven Pillared Hall.

Once there, most of the party hid in the secret passage they found that lead up to the back side of Grimmurzhul Trading Post. Vivienne confronted Charrak – who seemed to not know much of anything about who setup the party. He was scared enough to offer some help, though. He was also intrigued as her story of the party’s death peaked his interest.

She also found Rendil at the Halfmoon Inn and told him the true story. He offered to try and dig up some info for the party in the morning so as to keep suspicions down. He sent food to the party and Vivienne spent the night at the inn. Oh, and Rendil also agreed to spread the story a bit and to tell Bennick all about it so he could invent a morose yet ribald ballad to sing. That one should be fun.

And that is about all. The party has options but gathering a bit more intel is key.

JV comments:
“Cinder’s bat…Chompers? Or is it Rabies? Or is it Bitey? Or is it Roamer?…I forget.”
It’s Sparky. Get it, Sparky and Cinder? Those other names would be just as good though. Also, nice pic of them!

At FIRST Cinder was respectful to King Thain when they met him, offering 20 silver pieces as tribute, and kissing his butt with vigor as in "oh you must be a mighty king indeed to have killed such a fierce foe . . . " The tense moment that you refer to came later, when the party tried to get back into the hold and the two guards had to let them back in. Anyway there is something odd about King Thain and his guards, and maybe it will all come to light as we push on! :-)

Meanwhile...back in the Seven Pillared Hall

With the party all back at the Seven Pillared Hall, it was time to get some information.

Various folks headed various directions to figure out various things.

One thing was trying to figure out who would pay the most for the scepter the party found. Gendar offered 300GP and Noristo offered 450GP and Gendar ended up with it for 500GP.

Cinder asked for, and eventually received some potions from Gendar:

- Blinding Bomb x1
- Blast Patch x 1
- Healing x 8 (to be handed out to party in general). Each does 2x normal Healing Surge.

The party found Smashbeard and bought a few things.

During all of this, Diamanda heard rumors about a stronghold of Gnolls. Gnolls being her mortal enemy (a long history there), she immediately took off to bring the fight their way. Cassie followed and, just like that, they were gone.

The party was lucky enough to find a few replacements, though. Nimble, sent to find the party with a message, arrived on the scene as did newcomer, Vivienne. A healer, by the look of things.

Eventually, the party received a note from Charrak that was penned to them and written by an “insider” in a “position of power” in the organization behind the Duergar’s actions. It requested a meeting.

The party headed off there and found a giant statue and a Tiefling. They bantered a bit and then a fight broke out. There were 2 Tieflings up on the ledge of a cavernous area and the giant statue turned out to be a “Bronze Warder”. It tried to trap the party inside the room but it was stymied.


Some highlights:

- Sy almost died (welcome to every encounter – ha)
- Viv did A LOT of healing. Welcome to the party…she is a much-needed addition. Oh…and she crit hit and killed the very tough Bronze Warder.
- Nimble cracked wise and cracked skulls. Lots of big hits from the little maiden.
- Cinder proved that he sucks at climbing walls; lest there be any doubt.

Once the fight was over, the party decided it was better to stay here/continue on in the Labyrinth rather than head back to town. This, they posit, will lead whomever set them up to think them dead. Interesting…

They also found a couple of partially destroyed notes after the combat:

I don’t care how you do it, but deal with these adventurers. Take
one of the bronze warders if you must. If they remain in the
Labyrinth, they could disrupt my plans. Once you’ve dealt with
them, deliver their bodies to Maldrick, along with the
enclosed scroll.

and that scroll, most damaged, read:

To Maldrick Scar…illegible…Chieftain…illegible
Black…illegible and…illegible…Yeenoghu:…illegible…you the corpses of these…illegible…as a gift of…illegible…arrangement
might…illegible…bene…illegible May you savor their
Your friend a…illegible…

And there things stand. The party has taken an extended rest, searched the area, and now must consider where to head next…

Cinder fell three times attempting athletics checks, including a critical fail. He had luck with his “Empowering Lightning” spell, but it was a rough encounter for him overall due to bad rolls, despite the new dice trays. — JV


Lo-Kag had a better outing, dealing over 50 damage to the tiefling and killing her in round three!


Things get a bit Murky...
Continuing the Adventure in The Horned Hold and Seven Pillared Hall

Things get Murky…

So, the party continued its fight in the old Cistern room. It was a fairly epic fight but the party was able to overcome the weird, spiny flying creatures (what are those guys?) and the Duergar that were in the area acting as guards to the manacled slaves in the cisterns.

A few highlights…both Cassie and Diamanda used Daily Powers to great effect and to the shock of the enemy. Cassie also used “Cut and Run” adeptly.

Sy made a very cool little move allowing himself to shift into one of the old cisterns while grabbing the iron ladder and sliding down safely to the bottom.

Doro got a hit on an enemy while he was blinded. He also nearly convinced a Duergar to just lie down and play dead right in front of Lo-Kag (who was in Beast Form – Bear).

Cinder plugged away with Magic Missile when he had nothing else to do and it actually made a nice difference. He even got a kill that way.

Overall, once they enemy realized it was outnumbered, 1 Duergar and 1 flying spiny thing (again…what are those guys, anyway) tried to book it.


The one that was flying was knocked to the ground as it flew through the doorway. Cinder, wielding a dagger for the first time in months, got an attack of opportunity on it, made a crit hit, and brought its dreams of escape – as well as its body – crashing down in the hallway just past the door. It has been SO close to escaping, but the party made sure that never happened.

The escaping Duergar never even made it that far. Alas, poor Loric.

With things wrapped up the party took the time to free the prisoners (via locking picking by Sy and key finding by others) and fish through the pool of water where one Duergar had perished. They found out that 10 of the 12 captives from Riverdown were here. Nice one…they had been looking for those unlucky soles. They also found 3 random humans who had been captured at different points and different times in the Labyrinth.

Finally, they found 1 Goblin manacled there. Cassie showed him great kindness, and a bit of her ample bosom, and found out that his name is Gru and that his fellow Bloodreavers had captured him. Upon further questioning throughout the day, they found out that the reason he was captured was for gambling debts…and his lifelong ambition to be a Bard. He seems to think it was the Bard part that really did him in. Cassie gave him some Journey Bread and a dagger and he guarded the way part of the time.


After a short rest the party moved on to the next room…which was empty. After much listening at the 2 doors within, and some discussion about taking an extended rest or not…the party decided to advance North through the double-doors.

What ensued was a battle for the ages and the greatest overall test that the party had faced to date. Why? Largely because they had come across Murklemor Grimmerzhul and he was sick of their meddling ways. He had 3 comrades with him and they were all made of tougher stuff than the prior Duergar that the party had faced. The Theurge, in particular was able to gain the high ground and wreak havoc on the party by casting annoying spells that either blinded the party, caused ongoing damage, and/or knocked people prone.


The party was able to make pretty quick work of one of the Duerger guards, but things took some ugly turns and the battle moved around and back to the Cistern room. Diamanda died (saved by Lo-Kag). Cassie died (saved by Lo-Kag). Everyone was bloodied at least one time and everyone used a second wind and/or a potion during the fight. In the end, the party sort of split up and decided to book it, but Cassie was knocked prone and people had to come back. Murklemor pushed folks into pits but the theurge was in a really bad way, and Murklemor himself was almost bloodied, so they booked it instead.

The party noticed a few things during the battle. One was that some of these crazy Duerger Enlarge when they are bloodied. They take up 4 spaces, are Large creatures, gain Reach 2, and deal extra damage on melee hits. Ouch. Despite that, the party was able to kill off 2 of them.

They noticed that Murklemor could heal himself, or an adjacent ally, from time to time. He seemed to heal quite a bit of damage but he could not do it all of the time.

Diamanda found a secret passage in one of the fireplaces…she was basically pinned in a large fireplace by the dastardly Murklemor but she rolled a crit and was able to find a way out through the back. Thanks to an awesome ability on her armor, she was able to turn ongoing damage into ongoing HP regen and she was able to recover some.

After all was said and done, the party discussed things once more and decided to bring the captives back to the Seven Pillared Hall and proceed from there. Some of the party was not too pleased about that and they really wanted to exact revenge on Murklemor.

What happened in the Seven Pillared Hall? More to follow soon…

The Story So Far
A brief synopsis of events leading to The Horned Hold excursion

Lead Up…

After successfully keeping the portal to Shadowfell closed in the Keep, the party heads back to Winterhaven. They talk with many folks in town, all of whom are impressed and thankful. Bairwin, Wildarson, the proprietor of The Grande Shoppe in town, convinces the party to head off to The Seven Pillared Hall in Thunderspire Mountain to run an errand for him. The party accepts his Quest to bring a special item to Gendar. In return, Gendar will give the party some sort of special stones. If the party can bring those back to Bairwin, he will reward them handsomely.

The party head out on the Trade Road…a Dwarven forged road that connects the human settlement of Fallcrest with the Dwarven stronghold of Hammerfast.

They make their way to the ominous looking Thunderspire Mountain and find the Road of Lanterns that leads them into the mountainside…and the Labyrinth that awaits within.

As they make their way towards the Seven Pillared Hall they overhear what sounds like a halfling being harassed by some bad dudes. The party has heard of a group of Hobgoblins called The Blood Reavers who might be running a slave trade in the area and they think these bad dudes mean to capture this halfling and enslave him. They decide to fight and, as it turns out, this is a small party of Blood Reavers. The party is able to win the fight and they save the life of Rendil Halfmoon.

Rendil turns out to be a wry and interesting little fellow and he offers the party lodgings in his family’s Halfmoon Inn. Erra Halfmoon is his aunt and main proprietor of the Inn.

He guides them the rest of the way to the Seven Pillared Hall and the party does a lot of exploring around…using the Halfmoon Inn as its base of operations. They meet a variety of characters along the way and they are presented with some quests in the process.

Cast of Characters in the Seven Pillared Hall

The Adventures have met a lot of folks in the Seven Pillared Hall. Here is a brief recap of many of them…

Rendil and Erra Halfmoon
Part of the Halfmoon family that run the Halfmoon Inn. This is the party’s “headquarters” and Rendil has taken to them. Brugg (see below) like to cause problems there. He is not keen on Halflings.

One of the Mages of Saruun; aka the founders/leaders/peace keepers of the Seven Pillared Hall (this place used to be the ancient market square for the undermountain city of Saruun Kell). He tells the party of some of the history of the place and of a missing mage, Paldemar. He is not sure where Paldemar is, nor why he might have left, but he thinks it is far too coincidental that the rise of slave rings and other nefarious things should happen just as Paldemar goes missing.

Brugg, an ogre, leads the enforcers that work for the Mages
of Saruun. In addition to keeping the peace, collecting protection money, and acting as muscle for the mages, Brugg
keeps an eye out for new arrivals who might upset the delicate balance of affairs in the Hall. He can usually be found
at the Customhouse, relaxing at Rothar’s Taproom, causing
trouble at the Halfmoon Inn, or patrolling the Hall

He is a runt of a Kobold who oft gets ignored by the residents of the area. He has gathered info and has “sold” some of that info to the party. He has proven to be a fairly adept negotiator and his info does not come cheap. Generally, his intel seems to be valid.

Bennik the Wanderer
A Halfling minstrel that the party ran into in the Halfmoon Inn. He sang one song that actually seemed to be depicting the adventures of the party during their time in the Keep on the Shadowfell and beyond. He likes the party overall.

Surina (aka Diamanda)
Well…you know. The party ran into her a couple of times, in passing, before she made in-roads and joined their cause…or is it they who are joining her cause? She is a follower of Erathis and is completely dedicated to pushing out the encroaching tide of chaos and evil…and that passion has lead her here. She is somewhat of a fanatic and very eager to fight whenever possible. She is not very diplomatic.

Terrlen Darkseer
A middle-aged human who has great knowledge of the Labyrinth, he was employed by the party to help guide them to The Horned Hold. He is a bit nervous and there are rumors surrounding him – most seeming to say that of the many parties he has lead into the Labyrinth, he is often the only one to return. He pleads innocence of any knowledge of what happens to these parties – basically saying they went off on their own. That seems suspicious but the party questioned him at length and decided to have him lead them on that part of their quest. He got them there and left almost immediately. He did not want to hang out at all or go any further – citing danger lying ahead.

A drow with an eyepatch and a predatory, almost perpetual grin. He trades in treasures of all sorts. He seems intelligent and smug and greedy.

A “provisioner” in town, he is human and imports a lot of “the basics” from Fallcrest. He mostly deals in foodstuffs and other more mundane provisions.

A half-orc who owns and runs Rothar’s Taproom…a run-down and crude alehouse in the Seven Pillared Hall. Brugg can often be found there.

Ulthand Deepgem
An old dwarf cleric is the owner of The Deepgem Company…and they deal in gems and precious metals and the like. How typically Dwarven, right? He despises the Duergar and avoids them at all costs. He has many employees that he sends out on mining expeditions and on trade runs; chiefly to the Silvershield Hold.

Noristo Azaer
He is a sly, young Tiefling who helps run House Azaer, another trading company in town. He seems to know something about everyone in town and is very happy with their stock of fine wine, ale, leatherwork, and woodwork. Most is of the non-magical sort.

Monsters – a brief list of creatures the party has run into and/or fought in the Labyrinth.

These gray and evil dwarves have proven to be a pain. The party has noticed that they resist fire and poison. They are also immune to illusion – which has certainly cause some issues along the way. Some can become invisible. Some have attacks where they launch quills from their beards. They also seem to be able to get very angry and cause fire damage.

Really good fighters with some nice little skills to help them beat down their enemies.

Decent fighter who tended to get stronger and more dangerous when bloodied. They have skills that allow them to shift away from danger. They fought ranged and up close as well.

Dire Wolf
A wolf you don’t want to mess with, Jon Snow.

Tougher, and somewhat less wily, than Goblins, the party has faced a lot of orcs in The Horned Hold. They can make a healing surge type of attack when bloodied and they can fight well up close or at range.

Undead and uncool. They are faster than one would think and they have only one attack…the Claw Attack. That does minimal damage but causes the hit player to lose a surge and allows the wight to shift (at least one…could it be more than one…the party is not sure).

These are humaniod Constructs and they seemingly guard a particular area. They have tough double shot ranged attacks.

Chamber of Eyes (Jon was the DM for part of this adventure)



The party agrees to take on a quest to help stop The Bloodreavers, a local “gang” of goblinoids and humanoids who are party of the circle of slave trade that the party has been helping to illuminate. Their headquarters seems to be located in The Chamber of Eyes.

A reluctant, but somehow enthusiastic, Rendil lead the party to the Chamber. It was not very hard to get there. The party made its way through and they basically destroyed every enemy that they could find there as they searched for any captured slaves.

They beat the big bad…Krand (Hobgoblin Chief) and they had some adventures in the kitchen/dining area that involved Lo-Kag pretending to be a trained bear who was being lead to the dining hall for the entertainment of the troups. The group played it off very well overall and most of the gang there were convinced…allowing the party to get the surprise drop on them.

They did find and free the slaves and questioned them about the captives of Riverdown..who the party is also looking for.

The slaves were being held in a shrine to the old Minotaur God…Torog. It has long since been abandoned and the Bloodreavers had converted it to holding cells.


After clearing out the Chamber, then party headed back to The Seven Plllared Hall and took some time gathering more intel there. They had a lot of run-ins in town and they met more residents and shop keepers and the like. They unsuccessfully tried to sneak into the Grimmerzhul Trading Post because they believed it was part of the slave ring. It is Duegar run and even its sign post seems suspicious…a Hammer and Manacles. Hmmm…But, they gleaned no real info while there during the day and they failed in their attempt to break in at night.


They accepted a quest from Dwarf merchant Ulthand Deepgem to help find his missing pet Dire Boar. It supposedly ran off when a group of his workers/miners were attacked (Ulthand think Gnolls did the attacking) and he thinks it is lost somewhere in the Labyrinth.

They also accepted a quest from Gendar, the Drow trader, to locate an ancient skull scepter. Gendar told the party that the Duergar in The Horned Hold had the scepter after they stole it from the compatriots Gendar had out looking for it in the first place.

The Horned Hold


The party, lead by Terrlen Darkseer, made their way towards the only known entrance to The Horned Hold. Terrlen left the party before getting all the way there. The party made it the rest of the way, surveyed the scene, and tried their attack on the portculis/entrance. They fought 5 orcs and it was a prolonged fight…but the party prevailed.

They continued on, fighting, resting, seaching as required. They found the “skull scepter” that they were questing for for Gendar the Drow.

They encountered a “mini-boss” in the form of Rundarr, a Duegar. The party, though, had a great plan. Cinder made Sy invisible so that Sy could sneak up on Rundarr and kill him quickly and silently. There was one flaw, through…Rundarr is immune to illusion spells and “saw right through” the ploy. A large battle ensued. An innocent thrall was killed in the process, but the party eventually won the day. Some Duegar got away, though…NOT good. The thralls that survived agreed to hide out in the kitchen. In fact, they were terrified to leave.

This particular battle sort of set the scene for the next few encounters, where at each turn at least one enemy got away. One time the party was chasing the lone surviving Duergar out onto a long, narrow bridge. The Duergar had reached the far end of the bridge and was attempting to get through a locked door. Doro lined him up and fired away…psyched to kill him off before he got away…only to crit fail and end up blasting a hole in the door and allowing the enemy to escape. Oops.

Sy also started a few fights a bit prematurely and one, in particular, actually cost him his life as he got over zealous in attacking a new enemy…which turned out to be an Arbalester. He fought when he could have run…and he paid the price. Fortunately, Surina rolled a natural 20 when attempting to bind his wounds and save his life…and thus Sy lived on. Craziness.

The party continued exploring, Surina became Diamanda, and Wights were encountered for the first time. In fact, this was the first time any undead had been encountered since the Keep.

The party moves onward and they are currently locked in battle in a room that used to contain 3 cisterns but now those have seemingly been repurposed as slave pens. In addition to the Duergar in the room, there are 2 odd and scary flying creatures that are part of the fight. They seem tough and they can fly or hover or walk.

The Horned Hold - 2
Area H2

After a hard-fought battle at the portculis/entrance to the Horned Hold (wherein the party battled a resolute group of tough orcs), they continued exploring the NE part of the hold.

They came across a few empty rooms; one of which contained a large well. They cautiously continued and Sy heard loud noises from a southern room and snores from an eastern room. Obviously, the brave party decided to sneak into the room that had snoring creatures. Brave. Oh so brave.

Once inside, Sy killed the sleeping orc using a Coup de Grace. Neat.

At the area with the loud banging noises, the party timed their entrance via 2 different doors and sort of got the drop on the creatures there…which turned out to be the jealouos blacksmith, Urwol, and his minions.

A large battle ensued and the party did pretty well overall, although it was almost all for nothing when the last Duergar escaped via a bridge to the SW. The party chased him and he was stuck, pounding his fists, at a locked door. Doro, acting quickly, reared back to cast…and epic failed. He shattered the door instead of the Duergar and it made it through to the other side.

The rest of the party was close enough to get in there right away, though, and they dispatched the fellow before he could spread the alarm…or so the party thinks…

The party then spent some surges and explored the rest of that part of the hold. They found a skull scepter and, finally, remembered that Gendar had asked them to locate it for him. 1/2 of that mini-quest is now complete.

They also found 50 GP each.

In addition to the bridge to the SW, they found another double door leading to a hallway. That went E and S and ended at a double door. They went through and the room has 2 different double doors and 2 single doors. It is empty otherwise.

The party might need to rest or head back to Seven Pillared Hall. After that…

They now have 2 options…Head SW over the bridge to the empty storage room. There are a few doors in there (double door to NW, single door to SW, single door to SE).


…explore the room they are currently in.

shares the loot...

but keeps the bag of holding for herself!

1st day of Mach 2
Shadowfell continues at the Keep

The party got a nice little update to all of their questions from Valthrun…who, as the party discovers eventually, is actually Doro.

Doro has been putting on a show for the town and for the party members (past and present) and acting as Valthrun in an effort to keep the town more secure and to help the town feel safer.

Armed with this knowledge, the party heads to the Keep. They make their way, gingerly, to the area that Doro fled a few days ago. The Keep is empty or littered with the corpses and residue of the prior adventurers. Things smell and their is a heaviness in the air.

As they reach the location of the last battle Doro was in, they are attacked by zombies and a ghoul.

The resulting battle is very fierce and the party is hard pressed to survive intact…Kollision takes the brunt of the battle and is felled…nearly to his full death…but he manages to survive. Sy also allows himself to get corned by zombies, but he manages to pull a “Sy” and escape while also doing plenty of damage.

In the end, the party was victorious and they ended up finding a small, semi-hidden room in the west corner of the area. In that room was a variety of odds and ends and old meals…and a Bag of Holding with 176GP inside.

They searched for the prior adventurers but found no sign of them.

They decided to rest before heading onwards…to an area that even Doro had never seen before.

To be continued…

The adventure continues...
New party members enter the fray

On your travels, you are told much of what has befallen the other group of adventurers who tried to stop the evil from spreading at the Keep on the Shadowfell.

There are many gaps in Doro’s story but the basics are this:

The party was recruited in the town of Winterfall and tasked with finding out what was causing the recent rash of attacks by Kobolds and Goblins. The small party has many adventures and meets many folks, both good and bad, along the way.

In Winterhaven, they run into the following folks – and Doro expands upon all of them:

1. Salvana Wrafton – owner and proprietor of Wrafton’s Inn…where most of the party stayed while in town. He recounts the frequent drunken brawls that fellow party member Aidan went through there. Salvana did not like him one bit.

2. Valthrun the Prescient – local scholar and rumored mage. Doro is his apprentice and Valthrun has his own tower in town.

3. Lord Padraig – the local Lord in town and a warrior of some renown. He is the one who solicited the party’s help and offered (meager) rewards for aid they might give.

4. Delphina Moongem – An elf who turned away from her roots, she now sells wildflowers and the like in the market square

5. Thair Coalstriker – the local smith and also a dwarf…sparks flew between him and Aukori. An interesting potential couple…

6. Bairwin Wildarson – owner of Barwin’s Grand Shoppe. The party bought and sold a fair deal of items here.

7. Rond Kelfem – Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars…a ragtag militia that does its best to fend off the encroaching menace. He also oversees the Warrior Guild.

8. Sister Linora – the priestess at the Temple. Avandra – goddess of luck and change – is most prominent in town. Sister Linora also oversees the local graveyard and had theological differences with Aidan.

9. Ninaren – hmmm….the party took in this misfit elf and lots of interesting things happened. it appears that she is a double-agent working for the powers behind the recent uptick in Evil in the area.


1. the first task the group sets out upon is to see what happened to Douven Staul…a local scholar/archaeologist who has gone missing. They head to the Dragon Burial site, are ambushed, and battle it out with gnomes, halflings, humans, and even a drake. They find Douven being held as a prisoner and they offer to bring him back to Winterhaven.

2. along the way back to town, they come across a Kobold lair and they take care of business there (there are 2 parts to the lair…an outside and an inside; which is hidden behind a waterfall). They run into a Kobold leader named Irontooth in this battle and he is defeated. Nimble, the party’s resident thief/acrobat, finds a scroll that references “Karalel” as the leader of the Cult of Orcus. Hmm…

3. They head back to town and gather more info about the Cult of Orcus and Kalarel and the old Shadowfell Keep. There are many legends about the Keep but most say that 100 years ago its prior Lord, Sir Keegan, went crazy there and murdered his friends and family. The Keep is said to be built on a portal to a different, and much darker realm. This is known as the Shadow Rift.

4. The party makes its way to the keep. They survey the area and they are careful in what they do. They enter and make their way through the Keep…ever downward they go…battling all sorts of evil along the way and heading back to town when they can. They rescue a goblin named Splug who is a coward and a trickster. They fight and defeat Balgron the Fat – another Goblin leader. They run into traps, lots of goblins (etc.), rats, ochre jelly, Kruthik (they burrow tunnels in rock/dirt), blue slime, zombies and even Sir Keegan himself; who they end up talking to and convincing of their worth. He gives them his blessed sword, Aecris…a +2 longsword.

5. After clearing out the 1st level of the Keep, the party heads back to town. The gates are closed and the townsfolk implore the party to head to the graveyard for the dead have risen and are preparing to attack. The party does so and a very large battle begins. Zombies, skeletons, and (perhaps) Ninaren herself are all part of the group the party needs to take down. The party is victorious and heads to town to resupply and rest.

6. Back to the Keep and on to the 2nd level…down they head and more battles and tests of will and stamina continue. Hobgoblins are part of this and they make tougher enemies than Goblins. There are also giant spiders, a gelatinous cube, corruption corpses, Titan statues, and Dragon statues to battle. Yikes. They sense they are almost to the end goal or encountering and defeating Karalel when they are attacked by an overwhelming force of Ghouls, Zombies, Clay animates, and other unknown creatures of pure evil. The battle turns against the adventures and they scatter as they fight/retreat. Doro is separated from them and tells a tale or harrowing adventure about how it made it back to Winterfell to seek aid.

And here you find yourselves.

More will play out in person but this is a bit of a setup. Feel free to add more stories to ask questions.

Until next session…

Xp after Killing Irontooth 11/22

Just thought I’d summarize xp per Todd’s email 11/25 where we all “levelled up”

Nimble 3rd level +350

Tigue 3rd level +325

Aiden 3rd level +375

Doro 3rd level +275

Aukori 3rd level +350

Good Gaming!



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