Thunderspire Labryinth - H2

The Horned Hold - 2
Area H2

After a hard-fought battle at the portculis/entrance to the Horned Hold (wherein the party battled a resolute group of tough orcs), they continued exploring the NE part of the hold.

They came across a few empty rooms; one of which contained a large well. They cautiously continued and Sy heard loud noises from a southern room and snores from an eastern room. Obviously, the brave party decided to sneak into the room that had snoring creatures. Brave. Oh so brave.

Once inside, Sy killed the sleeping orc using a Coup de Grace. Neat.

At the area with the loud banging noises, the party timed their entrance via 2 different doors and sort of got the drop on the creatures there…which turned out to be the jealouos blacksmith, Urwol, and his minions.

A large battle ensued and the party did pretty well overall, although it was almost all for nothing when the last Duergar escaped via a bridge to the SW. The party chased him and he was stuck, pounding his fists, at a locked door. Doro, acting quickly, reared back to cast…and epic failed. He shattered the door instead of the Duergar and it made it through to the other side.

The rest of the party was close enough to get in there right away, though, and they dispatched the fellow before he could spread the alarm…or so the party thinks…

The party then spent some surges and explored the rest of that part of the hold. They found a skull scepter and, finally, remembered that Gendar had asked them to locate it for him. 1/2 of that mini-quest is now complete.

They also found 50 GP each.

In addition to the bridge to the SW, they found another double door leading to a hallway. That went E and S and ended at a double door. They went through and the room has 2 different double doors and 2 single doors. It is empty otherwise.

The party might need to rest or head back to Seven Pillared Hall. After that…

They now have 2 options…Head SW over the bridge to the empty storage room. There are a few doors in there (double door to NW, single door to SW, single door to SE).


…explore the room they are currently in.

shares the loot...

but keeps the bag of holding for herself!

1st day of Mach 2
Shadowfell continues at the Keep

The party got a nice little update to all of their questions from Valthrun…who, as the party discovers eventually, is actually Doro.

Doro has been putting on a show for the town and for the party members (past and present) and acting as Valthrun in an effort to keep the town more secure and to help the town feel safer.

Armed with this knowledge, the party heads to the Keep. They make their way, gingerly, to the area that Doro fled a few days ago. The Keep is empty or littered with the corpses and residue of the prior adventurers. Things smell and their is a heaviness in the air.

As they reach the location of the last battle Doro was in, they are attacked by zombies and a ghoul.

The resulting battle is very fierce and the party is hard pressed to survive intact…Kollision takes the brunt of the battle and is felled…nearly to his full death…but he manages to survive. Sy also allows himself to get corned by zombies, but he manages to pull a “Sy” and escape while also doing plenty of damage.

In the end, the party was victorious and they ended up finding a small, semi-hidden room in the west corner of the area. In that room was a variety of odds and ends and old meals…and a Bag of Holding with 176GP inside.

They searched for the prior adventurers but found no sign of them.

They decided to rest before heading onwards…to an area that even Doro had never seen before.

To be continued…

The adventure continues...
New party members enter the fray

On your travels, you are told much of what has befallen the other group of adventurers who tried to stop the evil from spreading at the Keep on the Shadowfell.

There are many gaps in Doro’s story but the basics are this:

The party was recruited in the town of Winterfall and tasked with finding out what was causing the recent rash of attacks by Kobolds and Goblins. The small party has many adventures and meets many folks, both good and bad, along the way.

In Winterhaven, they run into the following folks – and Doro expands upon all of them:

1. Salvana Wrafton – owner and proprietor of Wrafton’s Inn…where most of the party stayed while in town. He recounts the frequent drunken brawls that fellow party member Aidan went through there. Salvana did not like him one bit.

2. Valthrun the Prescient – local scholar and rumored mage. Doro is his apprentice and Valthrun has his own tower in town.

3. Lord Padraig – the local Lord in town and a warrior of some renown. He is the one who solicited the party’s help and offered (meager) rewards for aid they might give.

4. Delphina Moongem – An elf who turned away from her roots, she now sells wildflowers and the like in the market square

5. Thair Coalstriker – the local smith and also a dwarf…sparks flew between him and Aukori. An interesting potential couple…

6. Bairwin Wildarson – owner of Barwin’s Grand Shoppe. The party bought and sold a fair deal of items here.

7. Rond Kelfem – Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars…a ragtag militia that does its best to fend off the encroaching menace. He also oversees the Warrior Guild.

8. Sister Linora – the priestess at the Temple. Avandra – goddess of luck and change – is most prominent in town. Sister Linora also oversees the local graveyard and had theological differences with Aidan.

9. Ninaren – hmmm….the party took in this misfit elf and lots of interesting things happened. it appears that she is a double-agent working for the powers behind the recent uptick in Evil in the area.


1. the first task the group sets out upon is to see what happened to Douven Staul…a local scholar/archaeologist who has gone missing. They head to the Dragon Burial site, are ambushed, and battle it out with gnomes, halflings, humans, and even a drake. They find Douven being held as a prisoner and they offer to bring him back to Winterhaven.

2. along the way back to town, they come across a Kobold lair and they take care of business there (there are 2 parts to the lair…an outside and an inside; which is hidden behind a waterfall). They run into a Kobold leader named Irontooth in this battle and he is defeated. Nimble, the party’s resident thief/acrobat, finds a scroll that references “Karalel” as the leader of the Cult of Orcus. Hmm…

3. They head back to town and gather more info about the Cult of Orcus and Kalarel and the old Shadowfell Keep. There are many legends about the Keep but most say that 100 years ago its prior Lord, Sir Keegan, went crazy there and murdered his friends and family. The Keep is said to be built on a portal to a different, and much darker realm. This is known as the Shadow Rift.

4. The party makes its way to the keep. They survey the area and they are careful in what they do. They enter and make their way through the Keep…ever downward they go…battling all sorts of evil along the way and heading back to town when they can. They rescue a goblin named Splug who is a coward and a trickster. They fight and defeat Balgron the Fat – another Goblin leader. They run into traps, lots of goblins (etc.), rats, ochre jelly, Kruthik (they burrow tunnels in rock/dirt), blue slime, zombies and even Sir Keegan himself; who they end up talking to and convincing of their worth. He gives them his blessed sword, Aecris…a +2 longsword.

5. After clearing out the 1st level of the Keep, the party heads back to town. The gates are closed and the townsfolk implore the party to head to the graveyard for the dead have risen and are preparing to attack. The party does so and a very large battle begins. Zombies, skeletons, and (perhaps) Ninaren herself are all part of the group the party needs to take down. The party is victorious and heads to town to resupply and rest.

6. Back to the Keep and on to the 2nd level…down they head and more battles and tests of will and stamina continue. Hobgoblins are part of this and they make tougher enemies than Goblins. There are also giant spiders, a gelatinous cube, corruption corpses, Titan statues, and Dragon statues to battle. Yikes. They sense they are almost to the end goal or encountering and defeating Karalel when they are attacked by an overwhelming force of Ghouls, Zombies, Clay animates, and other unknown creatures of pure evil. The battle turns against the adventures and they scatter as they fight/retreat. Doro is separated from them and tells a tale or harrowing adventure about how it made it back to Winterfell to seek aid.

And here you find yourselves.

More will play out in person but this is a bit of a setup. Feel free to add more stories to ask questions.

Until next session…

Xp after Killing Irontooth 11/22

Just thought I’d summarize xp per Todd’s email 11/25 where we all “levelled up”

Nimble 3rd level +350

Tigue 3rd level +325

Aiden 3rd level +375

Doro 3rd level +275

Aukori 3rd level +350

Good Gaming!


More Kobold Lair - 12/9/09

From Pho:

Instant Re-cap of tonight's actions (some of this I mentioned to Talbot already though briefly):

We went outside the cave, found signs of a struggle, Aukori tracked a brief trail over to a tree to which Ninaren was tied. Kobolds had bound/gagged her, tied her up, but not killed her. This seems all pretty suspicious, and on Irontooth we found a note mentioning "our spy in Winterhaven." But from good Insight rolls and the way Todd's playing things, it seems she's on the level. All she could remember was being grabbed and knocked in the head (she was unconscious when we found her).

We brought her into the cave, and Aukori and Aiden went back out and searched around that area (it was just behind a couple trees in the waterfall area). Aukori rolled a natural 20 for a Nature check and saw some critters hiding in a copse of trees, but played it sly and made it look like she and Aiden were just blundering about and not seeing them. Then the two returned to everyone else in the cave, where the others were searching about. In the treasure heap there were tons of coins (1118CP, a few SP), ruined weapons, and a treasure chest, inside which there was more coins (420GP) and some magic dwarf-made chainmail which Tigue is now wearing. The two wyrmpriests had stuff: a potion, ring, and scroll. Irontooth's battleaxe seems to be magical. 

Tigue, rolling a natural 20, then found what seemed to be a secret wall/door/something. Nimble tried opening it, but made a good Perception roll, smelled oil!, and followed the smell to a greasy lever that opened a hidden door. She crept up and discovered it went outside, to behind the area where "movement in the trees" was last seen by Aukori. We hatched a diabolical plan to have Nimble, Doro, and Feynord sneak up on the sneaky kobolds, and when they had their attention, everyone else blitzes them. So the others hung out conspicuously in the area where Ninaren was discovered, like they were looking for her dropped contact lens or something. Then Aiden does the dumb thing you know he's gonna do and starts walking straight toward the area where the enemy was hiding. Why? 

Because he's Aiden. So he gets two fiery blasts shot at him from a couple places, and game on. Nimble knifes the first priest in the back for awesome damage, carnage ensues. In total there were two Dragonshield Kobolds (the tough kind, basically) and two Kobold Wyrmpriests. At one point Aukori was surrounded by both the tough kobs and a priest, and she used her earthshaking encounter power thingy to smack the priest down, preventing him from getting up until after her next turn. So on the next turn I had her use her other encounter power (Thunder Ram somethingsomething) which sent him flying four squares into the river, zapping both the other guys with thunder (can one "zap" thunder?) and pushing them away. It was an awesome combo, and would have failed had she not gotten a holy +2 to attack courtesy of Tigue's divine abilities. Then the priest tried to get up and got zapped by the additional damage from the first power's secondary effect. Yeah.

Ninaren again failed to do absolutely anything (Todd even rolled for her in plain view, so we could all see her each and every miss). Nimble had an awesome pratfall/fumble. 

After the battle, we found that the priests each wore these black necklaces which glowed red, but dimmed slowly as they died. Nimble got to one of them as it was dying, and she took the thing and of course put it on (I fumbled my Arcana roll). She heard the voice of Orcus compeling her to keep fighting. I had to make a save so as not to attack the others (Ninaren was nearest to her… damn!), which I did. Orcus then realized I wasn't a kobold and he hung up, but not before telling me we were all going to die and stuff. Still. She got to talk to (well, listen to) Orcus himself!

As Jon perfectly said: "Fool of a Took!"

We returned to town during the night, to sneak in without fanfare. Todd gave us a quick fastforward to the next day in which we'd be showing Thair Coalstriker the armor and axe, so we got the specs on the armor, although the axe we haven't had ID'ed yet. Otherwise though we haven't played through that night or the next day or other interactions with/in town.


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Winterhaven Romps, Kobold Stomps

Well, well, well…our intrepid players have been up to a lot in the past few gaming sessions.

After a tough-fought battle at the Dragon Burial site, the party had a run in with Szartharrax himself.  How, you might ask…well, it was Nimble.  She discovered a locking/unlocking device on a silver collar in a remote corner of the burial site.  That summoned the mighty dragon.  Presented with a snap decision, she nimbly released the dragon from the collar and its bonds.  It was the right thing to do and he swore to meet up with the party at a later date for "his mission and theirs were similar".

The group, now towing the beaten-down Feynord with them, headed back to Winterhaven.

It must have been a full moon when they got back to town…that or the party was simply full of post-battle lust because Aukori got it on with Thair Coalstriker (yup, some hot Goliath on Dwarf action – you go, Thair!) while Tigue wined and dined the surly Ninaren until their bed was spinning right round.  Whoop! 

Meanwhile. Aidan was up to his old tricks while Nimble and Doro, aka the fake Valthrun, played it cool.

After much drinking, eating, sexing, more drinking and resting, the party headed out again…this time in search of the Kobold Lair.  They recruited Ninaren (or, rather, Tigue made a snap and solo decision to ask her to come along and no one stood in his way about it) and Feynord to come along with them.  Feynord was pumped because these Kobold jerks had kidnapped his family and forced him, a great warrior, into semi-slavery at the Dragon Burial Site.

So, first stop…outside the Kobold Lair.  Approaching the river and a waterfall, Nimble scouted out the scene.  She found many Kobolds milling about on both sides of the river.  There was also a strange, blue-glowing runic circle nearby (later it was determined that any who stood inside got a +1 bonus to attacks while standing inside).  A pitched battle began and everyone took part.  Nimble and Aidan were killing machines and Ninaren could not hit the broadside of a barn.  Eventually, almost all of the Kobolds were put out of their misery but a few escaped into the waterfall. What the?  Into the waterfall?  Was the party seeing things????

That led to Phase 2.  Nimble, being all stealthy and shiot, approached the waterfall and tried to sneak a peek to see what was behind it.  That might have succeeded had the kobolds not left a row of banana peels right near the entrance.  Nimble slipped on one, reeled forward – seeing a boat load of Kobolds back there, and then wheeled backwards, taking a few hits along the way.  Rolling a "1" is not the best thing when trying to sneak around.

Aidan, seeing blood on Nimble, charged in.  The rest of the party was forced to follow.  They met great resistance at the entrance and it got a bit too crowded for everyone to enter.  

A huge battle ensued with Aidan going toe to toe with Irontooth; Tigue rushing around and healing the party (or killing any nearly dead kobolds); Doro "Cursing", mist walking, and retreating at opportune moments; Aukori fighting and freezing the ground around her (and really f-ing up the Kobolds shifty nature); and Nimble dealing massive damage on both Irontooth and lots of other Kobolds.  It was mayhem.

Many party members nearly died but, in the end, they had enough in the tank to finish off the evil Kobolds.  Irontooth was heard to shout "Karalel and Orcus, prepare my way to the…" as he crumpled to the ground, dead.  Doro then checked outside for signs of Ninaren, who had never made it inside for the battle.  Her bloodied cloak, her bow, and lots of footprints/signs of struggle were all there – but she was not. 

Meanwhile, some party members searched the bodies while others found what looked to be Irontooth's treasure trove.  I wonder what could be there?

And that is where things are now.  What will next gaming session bring?  Stay tuned to find out. 



Thanks to Doro/Dave for updating the site.  I had been holding my breath for nearly 2 month for someone to do that.  As such, Doro will have something special waiting for him at the next gaming session. 

As for the rest of you lot…you are all at Level 3 (and the module has barely begun).  Please adjust all of your stats as such and forward your DM the updated sheets. 

Please have this done before next gaming session (Thursday, Oct. 22 at 6pm).  Thanks.

Take care one and all and enjoy!


Goings on at the Buriel Site

Dave here, Thought I'd try and post something so copied Todds xp email where we are all close to becoming 3rd level: XPerience Hey all, Nice game on Monday. That was fun and cool that we could all get together for a little something different. As for the XP that everyone is bugging me about… For everyone in the party: 90 for a hard-fought battle 10 for all noticing the last human trying to get away For Nimble: The awesome destruction of the first human she took on – 50 Also killing 2 other humans…almost single-handedly – 50 Good use of skill set – 25 Restraint with Feynord – 10 That's 235 total For Aukori First use of "Stone's…" – 25 Rockin' out a Drake sandwich – 50 Ice, Ice Baby – 25 Eenee meenee minee mo, catch a human before he go – 10 That's 210 total For Aidan: Takin' a lickin' and keep on tickin'/near death experience – 25 "Thou Shalt Not Pass!" – 25 King of Fighters – 50 Agrid – Kill or be Killed – 25 Another "Aidan" moment (what is a game without one) – 20 That's 245 total For Doro: Unthinkable Cosmic Secret – direct to the Brain – 25 Sloppy Seconds Kills on 2 Drakes – 25 A for Effort – trying to catch human – 25 Finding Douven Stahl – 10 Being 1st, and only, to suggest that the collar might actually summon the dragon – 10 I curse you (and you and you and you…) – 25 That's 220 total For Tigue: For saving more than one life – 25 For rolling the shitiest rolls all night but still surviving to try another day – 50 Voice of reason with Aidan – 25 That's 200 total And now…everyone (except Aidan) take another 10 for surviving another 'Aidan moment' – where his actions almost get you all in serious trouble. That Aidan… :) If I missed anything (first use of ability, great attack, terrible roll, etc.), let me know. I was going off of my notes and I might have missed a few points here and there. If you are able to go up a level then do so and re-max all your HP etc. Pretend like you just had an extended rest. We'll play it like a video game. We will continue with talking with the dragon at the next game session. It will be no fun in email. We can shoot for next week sometime. Maybe on Thursday the 22nd? Take care and enjoy the early winter weather!! Todd, your humble DM

Previously Compiled Name Ideas
Name* that game !

COHEN Club Of Hedonistic Escapist New englanders

TODD Troupe of Diversionary Dudes

BLAKE Band of Local Awesome Knights of . . . . Egalitarianism? Escapism? Egg-salad?

VANASSE Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Alliance of Sport & Strategy Entertainment

DARKNESS Dungeoneers And Roleplayers Killing Nearly Everything Seen or Smelled

DESTROYER DEconstructors of STructured Roleplaying Obliterating Yours and Everyone’s Realm

OBLIVION Organization for Brothers Loving Indoor Ventures and Intimidating Orcs of New england

NECRON New England Consortium for Roleplaying Or Nothavingcompatibleschedules variation New England Consortium for Roleplaying Or Nothavingcombatableschedules

BITCHSLAP Brothers In The Crunch Hoarding Sweet Loot And Pizzas

Burn alert: the following suggestions may offend some dungeonmasters, just know it’s all in jest…

BARDLESS Bitch Ass Reject Dungeonmaster Leering at the Essence of the Sublime Songcaster

UNSUMMONER UNiversity of Spellcasters Unable to Make Monsters Obtainable, Need to Edit Rules

MASS-GAS Massachusetts Gaming Alternatives Society

FRoSoNE Fantasy Roleplaying Society of New England

WRONG Worcester Recreational Organization for New England Gamers

MAcHO Massachusetts Action Heroes Organization

WUSS Worcester Union for Sport & Strategy

DUDE Dude Union for Diversions & Escapism

WOW Worcester Order of Whimsy

SHAM Society for Hobbies & Amusements in Massachusetts

SHAM-WOW Strategy-Hobby-Amusements-Mirth & Whimsy Organization in Worcester

MMGS Massachusetts Monthly Gaming Society


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